Meet The Corrupted


Project Director

Geeezer is a courier by day and has been corrupted by Solana NFTs since September 2021. Geezer has experience in various roles for other web3 projects including alpha caller, project manager, collab manager. During this year of trading, he has developed a keen interest in directing/managing a project. Geezers’ all-round experience in operation and knowledge of real-time marketing conditions adds massive value to Corrupted Dogs through strategic & contingency planning.


Project Director

Dogspeed has been in the Solana NFT space since November 2021. He has managed a number of successful NFT projects which will help Corrupted Dogs rise amongst the best. He has an avid experience in marketing as he worked as the lead business liaison officer. His keen marketing sense, public relations skills and degenerate inclination make him a fine analyst of social trends.


Project Director

Pablo is an experienced Marketer with over 10 years in the industry. Specialising in digital marketing, he has worked with many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies including Apple. Pablo entered the crypto world in 2019 by utilising his love of building computers, to build a mining rig. Since then, he moved into ETH NFTs in 2021 followed quickly by SOL NFTs. In addition to jointly leading the Corrupted Dogs project, Pablo has been a moderator for NFT projects including Solana Cat Cartel.


Project Director

Brando is a Videographer and Project Manager working in the creative industry for more than 12 years. His main skills are interpersonal communications and corporate messaging. He started trading crypto in 2018 and got into Sol NFTs in 2021. He likes JPEGs that do stuff.


Project Director / Artist

Chreige is an award-winning digital artist and illustrator. He’s known for his vibrant and energetic art style. He’s done work for EA Games, Riot Games, Minecraft, Xbox Studios, and the Cannes Film Festival among others. He started getting into crypto in 2020 and is now breaking into the SOL NFT space.


Project Director

Bodacious has been in the crypto space since the end of 2017 and the NFT space since December of 2021. He has been on the project’s original version since it started as a Mod. Bodacious has experience in managing and working on all sorts of projects. He works in the tech industry and is very knowledgeable about supply chain and supply chain technologies. He has many hobbies including photography, glass blowing, PC building and JPEG collecting.