The staff may modify the information written in this manuscript if the need arises (market adaptation, change of artistic direction, new partnerships, etc…). Any piece of digital art presented in this publication is used for cosmetic purposes and is in no way representative of the final product. This manuscript is not intended to provide financial advice on investments. The staff can in no way be held responsible for financial losses resulting from the speculative nature of the assets.

Terms and Conditions


Corrupted Dogs is a collection of 6,666 2D NFT avatars designed to be full-fledged pieces of digital art, randomly generated using a multitude of hand-drawn traits on the Solana blockchain. The executive team was appointed by a vote by members of the Mobster DAO which owns the project.

Intellectual Property

Like any conventional piece of art, the team owns the Intellectual Property involved in the Corrupted Dogs project. This includes intellectual property rights related to images, names, logos, websites, brands, design and anything not explicitly provided in this document.

Commercial Rights

Anyone owning a Corrupted Dogs NFT has full commercial and operating rights to it. However, in order to avoid any trouble with the law, the user must not use their NFT for any unlawful, fraudulent, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive or otherwise objectionable or unreasonable use. The team cannot be held responsible for any malicious use of an NFT by a user.

Purpose of this whitepaper

The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide information for those who wish to mint a Corrupted Dogs NFT or purchase a Corrupted Dogs NFT from the secondary market. It is meant to be a resource, only the staff does not bear responsibility for financial decisions that are made based on the contents of this document.

The genesis of the Mobster DAO

The Mobster DAO comes from the Cat Cartel NFT project. It is a separate entity from the Cat Cartel team and acts on its own accord. It took shape in January 2022 and initially included all holders of a Cat Cartel NFT with the “Mobster Suit” or “Crown” attribute. It is now made up of more than 40 active members with a number of places limited to 83 maximum.

Why Corrupted Dogs?

In April 2022, the Mobster DAO decided to acquire the DEA Dogs project in order to give it a new start. This acquisition was financed by the members of the Mobster DAO in the form of seed investments. The Mobster DAO has decided to launch its own collection following this acquisition in order to provide DEA Dogs owners and newcomers with digital works of art that they can proudly display wherever they wish.

An art-focused NFT project

As mentioned before, we want to make Corrupted Dogs fully-fledged digital works of art. For this, we established a selection process that allowed us to unearth the hidden gem that we were looking for. Our artist is Chreige, an award-winning digital artist and illustrator. He’s known for his vibrant and energetic art style. He’s done work for EA Games, Riot Games, Minecraft, Xbox Studios, and the Cannes Film Festival among others.


While art is the central aspect of the project, we also want to provide Corrupted Dogs owners with utility. Owning a Corrupted Dogs NFT will give you exclusive access to the staking platform where you can send your Corrupted Dogs on missions to earn $Noiz. You will also receive exclusive access to all the merchandise and goodies we create. We also have other ideas in mind that we are keeping to ourselves for now. We don’t want to make false promises and we also want flexibility in our creativity. Other utility bricks will be added in due course.

About $Noiz

$Noiz is a utility token owned by Corrupted Dogs with a fixed supply of 100M tokens. $Noiz can be used in the Corrupted Dogs ecosystem for various purposes, a small part of which is revealed in our roadmap.
The core aspect of $Noiz is that it is not backed by a liquidity pool unlike the vast majority of SPL tokens owned by other NFT projects. This means that $Noiz is not a tool for generating passive income. It is up to the holders to decide on the exchange price of $Noiz through P2P exchanges that can take place securely on different dedicated platforms.
Tokenomics is simple: 100% of the supply is dedicated to holders. No tokens for team members, no vesting for venture capital firms, no halvings and no tokens reserved for marketing or advertising.
For holders, the only guaranteed way to generate $Noiz is to complete the missions presented in the roadmap. Therefore, 80% of the supply will be allocated to the rewards received from the different missions (this includes briefcases). The remaining 20% will be reserved for community events. All $Noiz tokens spent by holders will go towards the funds dedicated to community events.
This system allows us to guarantee the sustainability of the $Noiz token over the next five years without having to suffer from the evolution of the cryptocurrency market and without having to buy back our own token to replenish our emission wallet.

Understanding fund allocations

Initial funding

During the Corrupted Dogs collection mint, we estimate to raise 9000 $SOL of which 1.5% will be used to reimburse seed investments, 10% will go to the Mobster DAO treasury and 20% will go to the team. The rest will be reserved exclusively to grow the project and fund future initiatives.


After the mint, Corrupted Dogs will be tradable on the secondary market. Royalties will be set at 9.75% and funds will be allocated for specific uses. 10% will be paid into the Mobster DAO treasury, 10% will be donated to Mobster DAO members and 15% will be used to pay the team. The rest will be reserved for any future development of the project.


Our fully detailed roadmap can be found here: https://corrupted.dog/roadmap/


We have the ambition to make Corrupted Dogs one of the most successful NFT projects. By mixing jaw-dropping art, utility, and evolving lore, we hope you’ll join us in building a community that will shine in the Solana ecosystem.